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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mother Goose (Faerie Queen)

As I was preparing for my upcoming Fey themed game, I knew that the lady herself should make an appearance. And for me, in this game, this is the Queen of the Fey, known by most mortals as Mother Goose.

Mother Goose   NG Medium Fey 12 HD* Fey
Init +6 Senses Low-light vision; Perception +15
AC 24 touch 19, flat-footed 22 (+2 Dex, +5 natural, +7 Magic Armor)
hp 84 (13d8+26 con)
Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +12
Defensive Abilities    DR 25    Immune: All Charm and Elemental Attacks

Speed 30 ft; Fly (Good) 80 (Broom)
Melee Diamond Encrusted Sharp Rapier +8 (1d6-1 / 12-20 *5 )

Special Attacks See Below

Str 10, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 18, Wis 20, Cha 25
Base Atk +5 CMB +4 CMD 16

Feats Improved Initiative, Alertness, Iron Will, Power Attack, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Rapier)

Skills +17 Bluff , +17 Diplomacy , +7, Escape Artist , +18 Fly, +10 Knowledge (geography),  +17 Perception , +14 / +14 Perform  (Lute & Whistle), +17 Sense Motive , 12 Sleight of Hand , +15 Ride +15, Stealth,  +9 Use Magic Device

Languages Fae, Elven, Common, Dwarf, and 12 others

Legendary Gear Storybook of the Fey, Pen of Happy Dreams, Fey Broomstick

Environment Faelands, Candyland or Mortal Plane
Organization Solitary
Treasure Value Triple (Coins, Gems & Old Spell-Books)

As far as most visitors can tell, Mother Goose is an elderly human female, though physically frail she is wise and very charismatic, making friends and allies with both the inhabitants and the many sleeping visitors. While best known for helping sleeping children, she also helps fae and other inhabitants in the Candyland. What few visitors realize is that she is called by another name by the fey - Faerie Queen.

One of the highest level fae in Candyland. She is a well known but mysterious figure as she has had a presence both here and in mortal lands for hundreds of years. Her main foes are those that would steal or otherwise take advantage of the sleeping visitors. She has waged war on both the devils and demons (and many others) but she usually leaves them alone as long as they do not cause problems. Her servants are always watching outsiders.

What is little understood is that there are times Mother Goose is unable to cast her highest level spells or effects, essentially being a mid-level caster while other times she can cast the most powerful spells in all of Candyland. Most believe that she is outside of time, so there are times she appears as various version of herself. She knows the fey and their stories as they are apart of her but does not always remember every mortal creature she interacts with.  Roll below to determine where Mother Goose is in her circle.

Roll below once /night.
01 - 60  As 9 HD Fey
61-70   As 10 HD Fey
71-80   As 12 HD Fey
81-85   As 14 HD Fey
86-90   As 16 HD Fey
91-95   As 18 HD  Fey
96+      As 20 HD Fey

Add +1/attacks & saving throws for every HD added.


Constant Friendship to Fey, Animals and Elementals - Both in the feylands and in mortal realms see Mother Goose as a trusted friend.

Charm Speech (Will DC 20) Constant affect, Those she is able to speak with are treated as if they are charmed. Only if they actively resist, do they get a saving throw to avoid. She uses this to convince both allies and foes to stop taking violent action agaisnt fey and others. She will not use this to take advantage of others.

Banish (Will DC 24 - 3 / day) she can banish creatures, having them unable to come back into the Feylands for 72 hours.

Summon Fey - 4 / day - Can summon 20 HD of fae creatures 4 times a day, the only two stipulations are she must have met them before and they are on the same plane as her.

Sleep (Will DC 20 - 2/day) Can affect creatures up to 15 HD, her sleep effect can put anything asleep that naturally sleeps as their base HD level shown below. If they normally do not sleep (Golems, Undead) treat them as double HD, so she can affect them but to a much lesser extent.

1-3 HD; 24 hours
4-5 HD; 12 hours
6-7 HD; 6 hours
8-9 HD; 3 hours
10  HD; 2 hours
11  HD; 1 hour
12  HD; 20 minutes

10 HD  - Forget Me Now: Enemies who are hit by this touch causes them to forget their negative impulses. Creatures who are charmed or otherwise magically affected are brought back to their base emotion. Foes need to save on a Will DC 21. Can affect creatures only once every day. Most planar creatures automatically return to their home plane due to confusion.

12 HD - Dream Realm: Enemies hit by this ray must make a will save vs DC 23 or fall into their own personal realm for a range of time similar to sleep, except they need to re-save every day as the dream realm is highly personal and quite enjoyable. They must realize they are imprisoned, then actively save to escape it (adding +1 on their saves for each successive night.)

14 HD - Deepest Darkest: The Faerie Queen immediately learns a creature's deepest darkest secret. Those trying to resist must make a Will Save vs DC 19.

16 HD - Awakened: One of the few non-aggressive affects the Faerie Queen has. This will awaken a creature to full sentience (Int and Cha to 10.) This is most often done to get immediate helpers to assist with a threatening foe.

18 HD - Am I really here: Somewhat similar to her Forget Me Now affect, but with this, they don't even realize they exist, believing themselves to be images in the dream realm. Most creatures will just wander around as if in a dreamy-sleep state, taking neither negative or positive actions. They need to save once a week as a Will Save vs  DC 25 to break free.

20 HD - No More Dreams (DC 25) If she is able to touch an opponent, she forcibly rips them out of the dream state and prevents them from getting back to the dreaming realm. The consequences are that they are unable to obtain new spells. Most creatures in fact slowly go insane after not sleeping for the number of days equal to their charisma score.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Holon - Goddess of Balance (Druids, Land, Nature the Holy Circle)

This is the druid`s goddess of life, whom many believe is the incarnation of the world itself.


Alignment: Neutral
Follower's Alignment: Any (Usually Neutral based)
Favored Color: Green,  Associated: White, Beige, Black
Holy Days: None - local fests are used to promote
Sacrifice: Time - payment is their primary payment
Patron: Druids
Familiar Form: Any animal
Domains: Animal, Community, Plant, Air, Earth, Fire, Water; 

Prohibited Domains: Evil, Good, Law and Chaos 
Titles: Brother or Sister (of the Land, of the Circle, of Balance)

Earth Mother. Druid Guide, Spirit of the land. Bosom of life. Lady of druids. Lady of balance. Blessed Lady. Cradle. Gaia. Holon has more names and titles than any other power on Nyssa, because many believe she is Nyssa herself. She is life, or perhaps better described, she is the cosmic balance that offers life. Law, Chaos, Good, Evil and all shades of neutrality exist inside of her, and she and her followers ensure that balance is always maintained.

Life and the living are her primary cause, especially creatures and plants with sub-intelligence. Druids, her direct and closest followers, say that animals and plants are more blessed because they do not rationalize their devotion to the mother goddess – for they are always beholden to her in all of their actions. Other beings – the civilized races and the most powerful monsters that pervert the blessings. Holon provides everything they need to exist, and while she doesn’t want payment or adoration, she does expect them to respect the balance. Anyone living their life in harmony with the land, and the creatures within it is following her ways, perhaps more than even the druids, who follow her by contemplating nature and how to best to serve her. True instinct, past the mind or will, is guided by her, or so, nysarians of all types believe.

When these intelligent races or creatures, pillage the land, the elements, and take more than they need, that the balance is tilted. Some might say she sends animals and elements to punish these intelligent creatures who would upset the balance, but this is not entirely true. She allows the balance to take care of itself, and the land does what it must. But even when the land is harmed, by beseeching to the eternal mother, many communities can save themselves from harm.

Because her worship is so all encompassing, there is little to distinguish her followers from each other. Their rituals, dress and prayer substantially vary according to the regions. Druids often wear green, with an assortment of other local colours. She is the only faith that doesn’t specifically require obelisks, but some do in fact create wooden obelisks as a way of explaining her devotion to others accustomed to these traditions. They are far from the only ones who worship her, some in fact claim that druids themselves are a civilized order and a much older faith truly represents the Blessed Lady.

Druids in her service, usually live communally, sharing their basic needs. They don't give titles based on power levels, rather its service and success, so in many groves, low level druids can lead the community. Unlike other religious communities, the faithful don't participate or lead in religious services with prayer or song, the faithful need only to meditate in any rural area to complete their daily devotional. Druids from every race openly welcome each other, and share information, gossip and spirit. Each may have distinct personal or local traditions, but druids never hold an ideal, knowing that all ways are true if they serve the balance, they change just as the seasons do. While many circles, as their communities are called, hold fests on certain days - especially during seasonal equinoxes, these are unofficial, the ideal is how you live your life, and taking time each day to cherish and promote balance.

Her familiar form is any animal, however, its eyes are totally a bright glowing green. Her avatar form is unique because she doesn’t really have a specific one. When she needs an avatar to act, she directly inhabits the body of the faithful. Because she is of the land, her spirit can not be dismissed or banished. However, death to the avatar means the spirit of the slain will be reborn within another, willing to serve the cause.

Her blessing is the ideal players should try to uphold. How they keep these ideals should be left to the player.

Holon’s Blessing
Life perseveres
The balance is a dance
And we all sing the music
Actions done or undone
Words spoken or left unsaid
The balance will be held
Raw emotion or calculated logic
Steps out of key
For balance is the way
Action, re-action a child’s game
Cause, effect played by the fool