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Friday, 20 December 2013

Basic Nyssian Assumptions

Fire spells, items or creatures do not exist on Nyssa.

Magic (often called the Frequency) comes from the gods, given to clerics directly. Obelisks are divine outlets by which the frequency comes to the domain. Any time obelisks are in towns they become the equivalent to churches; the central location for meeting.

Wizards are believed to (theoretically) steal the energy needed to cast spells. Psionicists and sorcerers create the frequency within themselves, sometimes they are called living obelisks.

0 & 1st level spells generally are not lost in cities, due to being near obelisks, for both clerics and priests. Must still memorize spells as normal. Larger obelisks sometimes enable additional spell levels not to be lost, but only for the faithful.

Clerics, except for death spells, require only one spell component - their holy symbol. If they lose access to their holy symbol, they cannot cast any spells. One virtual feat clerics receive at first level is create holy symbol which takes one hour of prayer. Clerics have 15 + wisdom modifier, of clerical spells in their prayer books by spell level they can cast. They can replace spells freely with other priests at holy sites.

Wizards gain 2 spells every level until 10th. They gain one spell per level until 15th. Wizards no longer gain spells
automatically every level past 15th level, they must research them.

Raise the Dead can ONLY be cast at an obelisk. There is no material components, but the god will not enable them to be cast on an opposed aligned creature or someone that has angered the gods. Most times a service is required. Reincarnation is much more popular, but the listing is significantly different and so is the mandatory service.

Teleportation spells require teleportation circles. It takes one uninterrupted hour to create one in sand or other physical element as a temporary circle. A permanent one can be created in stone. If an open circle, anyone can use, and will take them to a Matched Location or to any other Circle the caster has been to or is aware of. If sealed (requires a password to step into AND step out of) must contain the true name of anyone going to use it.

Weeks are also called ten-days or a cycle. The most important day is Sword Day, wherein adults must spend four hours in weapon training. This is also the day duels are held and gladiatorial combat usually occurs.

Most people are pagan, meaning they worship more than one god. Only Paladins are required to worship at least one god. It is standard practice to make an offering to any obelisk you go to or pass by; it is considered extremely rude not to. You can use any god from any setting…. Most good aligned people say they follow the Quadrane (Quanna, Japeth, Darras & Mathai)

Hembria was an ancient magical empire that spanned the domain; Hembrian is vernacular for anything old.

Guilds are also known as Towers and they commonly hold seats of power in communities. Rather than one-person one vote, each tower has one vote on the governing counsel. Some common towers: sollus (gardens), song (Bardic), sorrow (mortuaries), silence (martial arts), Solomon (wizards), law (bureaucracy), Trade (merchants), war (military). Many others exist. In theory they are equal in the power, but this rarely works without political entanglements.

Dragons are generally called Tyrants, only two known types of dragons are native: purple & ice.

Drow do not exist in Nyssa. (There is a good-aligned, highly musical black skinned Elf called the Dral.)

Psionics exist on Nyssa; they are heavily located in one known area of the world, rare elsewhere.
Talented: pseudonym for psionic. Tallene are psionic humans.

Coinage: Oromians (the nation of sailors) mint all Nysarian coins. All bear official seals of the local government (City, Region or Nation) and a Tyrant. Wing/Seal, is the equivalent to Heads/Tails. One slight difference, if the coin is subsequently lost, it should not be looked for. This is called an offering to Fatanus (Lady Luck.) Common (Copper), Noble (Silver), Crown (gold), Lord (Electrum) are the names.

Constructs have at completion maximum HD. For example, an 8 HD flesh golem would have 80 hp. Most constructs are intelligent, part of the elemental spirits that are bound in their creation. All can speak in a limited fashion, but they can be given much more advanced directions.

Guns were once utilized, heavily in some sections of the world. For some reason, around five hundred years ago they fell into disrepute, no known reason. They still work, and some Smokers use them, but they are despised. Most must go to specialized collectors to buy ammunition. Guns themselves cannot be made magical, however, ammunition can be enchanted.

There are no stars in the night sky, rather there are four constant moons. Another seven moons can be seen at differing times. The seasons of the year are based on Curen’s (Prime Moon) position; Rising, Peak, Descent, Dearth. The other moons are: Drelth (Red), Frel (Blue); Kredant (Green).

While slavery is common in many parts of the world; it’s much closer to forced service. Most are criminals, prisoners of war, or of a differing race. In all but the most evil nations, children are granted freedom at birth (along with their mothers). Halflings are the most common type, next followed by Ogres, Goblins, Gnolls and Minotaurs; dwarves are the least common. Good aligned characters may not keep slaves; but not required to rescue slaves. Lyrria has an open door gate policy, the law does not enforce return, so they are essentially immediately free.

Rapine Creatures: Salamanders, Minotaurs and Gargoyles are a neuter sex; they can create brute drones or forcefully mate with other humanoids to reproduce unique combinations.

Rule of the fist. In most civilized areas large bladed weapons, missile weapons, martial weapons or exotic weapons are illegal to carry on the street. Everyone can use a dagger, staff or fist. In some areas, the list also includes free use of the rapier. Beating someone up (unless an elder, child or invalid) is very rarely criminal.

Spice, is the word used for illicit drugs, some varieties are: Bliss, rage, dream, jube, pixie dust, and angel blood. They are illegal in most lawful societies, but they are available.

Taint rules are found on Nyssa. Association with undead or demonic beings may cause the physical body to rot away or become deformed.

Undead are a constant threat. Any corpse not properly interned will arise as undead in 3-12 days. Jackalla, servants of Anubis serve as undertakers in 95% of all communities and are obsessed with destroying undead. Usually found in Sorrow Towers, large mortuaries, that serve as their mortuaries.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

incremental levels

Incremental Levels

Characters gain incremental levels instead of true levels, which are your levels divided into four segments: Skills & Feats,  Attack Bonus,  Hit Points and Spells / Other. 

When you gain a quarter of the experience you can gain any one of these bonuses for the level instead of waiting for the full amount for all benefits.

You do not need to gain all these segments to advance in an area. For example, a spell caster can gain new spells but not have the normal max hit points as they may have maximized spells instead of other areas.  

You can gain no more than 2 extra levels in a particular segment higher then your lowest segment level (i.e. 3 levels total). 

We are using the slow advancement based on the class table below.