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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Novarin - Dungeon Caretakers

The core idea for these creatures is kind of like petitioners for dungeons.  These are dungeon inhabitants, not monsters, not adventurers but people who look after the dungeon...picking up things, cleaning up the messes, etc. They should be neutral to both sides of the adventuring game, neither to help the creatures or the adventurers. Fun to use when the major scene is over and they come in to do some clean-up, see the adventuring party on spot, then have them make an awkward exit.


N Medium Humanoid
Init +2 Senses Low-Light Vision, Perception +4

AC 14 touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 Dex, +2 natural)
hp 11hp (2d8+2 con)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +0
Defensive Abilities   Dmg Rebound +1 / 2 levels for native creatures; +1/level for outsiders  

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Short Sword +3 (1d6+1)
Ranged Short Bow+3 (1d6)

Str 12, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 12
Base Atk +1 CMB +2 CMD 14
Feats Weapon Focus
Skills Acrobatics, Knowledge (Dungeon), Perception, Stealth, +4
Languages Dwarf, or Common
Typical Gear: Hammer, Bucket, Pitons, Rope, Lantern

Environment      Always Dungeon or outside of a dungeon entrance
Organization      Group (3-6) or Clan (21-40)
Treasure Value  Poor, Quarter of the stated wealth of adventurers

Novarin are an odd group, humanoids whose job is to work at the most infamous dungeons in the land but not as raiders or even protectors but caretakers. They clean up messes, instruct visitors of the etiquette, clear bodies when they begin to reek, and try to keep vermin under control. They remain neutral in terms of the dungeon process as they are are not permitted inside of sealed or locked doors nor take treasure.

Only accidents or mortal creatures harm them in the dungeons that they care for as they have a damage rebound - the dungeon itself is taking care of them, harming those that hurt the Novarin. Evil creatures are fully aware of them and most just ignore them. Some try to torment the caretakers but the Novarin try to to be vigilant for illusions or other tricks that the monsters use. These evil creatures may get local mortal creatures to attack the Novarin, knowing they suffer less rebound damage. While threatened or ridiculed, the wisest of the Novarin understand that their job is not to serve the monsters but the dungeon itself as a living entity, so they refuse many orders that the monster inhabitants may try to impose on them.

They appear very similar to the local human population, but their eyes are pupil-less. Their hair grows in small circular batches on their head, never growing very long. Their skins brightly shine, especially in darkness thus most wrap themselves tightly in bandages when inside dungeons. Unwrapping their facial bandages is a highly personal act of trust, never doing so in front of creatures they do not trust. Their skins cannot be permanently marked even by tattoos, as their skin always repairs itself within a few days of cutting or marking.

Novarin appear as full adults at the dungeon they are to serve, within small villages that often appear outside dungeon sites. They seem to know the general areas of the dungeon by instinct but not the secret or hidden places. They do not willingly discuss the dungeon or its features. They state only vague generalities such as the rumors around the dungeon or creatures within, never confirming anything. One of the dungeon services they do provide are supplies, outside an entrance site, selling various items. Some of these items may be useful, some are not, it is based on what a typical adventurer will bring – not what is actually needed. This is one of the ways they can earn their own limited funds. Few adventurers should ever realize these little recognized vendors outside the dungeon are also inside it, doing maintenance.

No children or youth of their kind have ever been seen. Some claim that they are the offspring of adventurers caught in the bowels of dungeons, raised by a lawful entity until ready to serve. Others believe they are the reincarnated adventurers who died in a dungeon, nobody is sure and since the Novarin have no knowledge of their predecessors it remains a mystery. There is no stratum or level among the Novarin, all are equal, all serve the dungeon and do not give orders to each other, instinctively knowing their task for the day.

These humanoids serve active dungeons with willing adventurers and inhabitants regardless of the alignment of either. When dungeons are cleared of both monsters and treasure, their numbers start to dwindle as they seem to be reassigned to other locations. Some believe this means there must be a divine power with a portfolio of dungeons that either rules or controls the Novarin.

The overwhelming number of Novarin serve their dungeon faithfully but a few take risks for personal gain. If caught by their kin, they can be stripped of their status as dungeon inhabitants. These forsaken individuals must turn away from dungeons as every door, trap or mechanism fails in their presence, not just their own but in every dungeon they enter.

2 HD Damage Rebound 1 / 2 HD; Open Door or Portal; +5 skill points; +2 to any ability score
3 HD Charm Person (3/day);+5 skill points; feat
4 HD Damage Rebound 1 / HD; +1 in Natural AC; +5 skill points; +2 to any ability score
5 HD Dimension Door (200 feet); +5 skill points; feat;  +1 in Natural AC
6 HD Double Rebound (2/day); +5 skill points;
7 HD Charm Monster (3/day); +1 in Natural AC; +5 skill points; feat; +2 to any ability score
8 HD Charm Fey (3/day); +5 skill points; +1 in Natural AC
9 HD Triple Rebound +3 dmg (3/day);  +5 skill points; feat
10 HD Charm Elemental or  (3/day); +3 in Natural AC; +10 skill points; ; +2 to any 3 ability scores

Novarin continue this racial ability chart when they gain levels. For the few that reach the highest HD, they can choose to gain new levels as fighter, rogues but bard, cleric or sorcerer is also possible. Except for the forsaken, no Novarin chose other classes until they complete this listing.

Open Door: When in their native Dungeon, Novarin can mentally open or close doors within 200 ft.

Damage Rebound: One of their main defenses is that the dungeon gives them a type of damage rebound, any time they are damaged (by spell or weapon), one half their HD level is reflected back onto their attacker each round. Foes only take this type damage once a round, regardless of how many Novarinn they hurt in any given round. At higher levels, they can temporarily increase the rebound damage inflicted (double at 6 HD, triple at 9 HD) for the same number of rounds as their HD. Outsiders automatically suffer an increased multiplier, so at 4 HD, they suffer two damage per HD instead of 1 damage, etc.

Charm Person (or Monster, Fey, Elemental): For the most part, they allow monster or animal or adventurer to do as they wish, however, if creatures interfere with their activities, they can use their magic charming to convince them to depart.

Dimension Door: As per the spell of the same name. They get another casting every two additional levels.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Spire Giant

Spire Giant

N(E) Giant                CR 14
Init +1 Senses Perception +10

AC 22 touch 11, flat-footed 21 (+2 Leather Armor, +11 natural) 
hp 142hp (15d8+75 con)
Fort +14, Ref +5, Will +7
Speed 40 ft.
Melee Slam +21 (2d10+10) 

Str 31, Dex 10, Con 21, Int 6, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +11 CMB +21 CMD 32
Feats: Awesome Blow, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Sunder, Intimidating Prowess, Iron Will, Power Attack
Skills Climb +16, Jump +15, Intimidation +15, Perception +10, Survival +12 
Languages Giant, Common or one other local (Dwarven or Jahlen most common)
SQ Low Light Vision, Elemental Resistance (20), Unnamed Magical Resistance (20), Immune to Necromancy or Undead spells or effects

Environment      Spirelands
Organization      Solitary or Group (3-6); Tribes rarely have more than 100 members
Treasure Value   Quarter Standard

This is the default giant-kin on Nyssa, a brute which is both gentle outside battle but savage in combat.  Standing 20 feet tall and weighing more then two tons, these giants are a sight to behold. Incredibly strong and physically in proportion to humans. Most mimic in a very general way, the local human population lifestyle.

They are among the most destructive creatures known when provoked or hungry. They usually reside in remote caverns and spires, and are utterly despised for their unceasing hunger, hunting all animal life in the region around them. When an area is depleted, they move on to find a new hunting ground. It usually takes a giant clan 10-20 years before clearing a 500 mile radius of all life. Spire Giants fear nothing and attack all animal life they encounter. One of the most dangerous consequences of these giants moving into a new area is their constant attack on ice-jammers (ships) by bombarding these vehicles with rocks and spears. While it is rarely successful in destroying a vessel, it certainly does tend to limit travel to those regions. Perhaps the only benefit to Spire Giants invading an area is their their ability to devour any type of carrion or corpse. They are one of the few creatures known to consume corporeal undead (ghouls, skeletons); thus when they clear out a region it is virtually empty of all moving entities not smart enough to hide or too slow to run.

While far from intellectuals, spire giants are not mindless. These creatures organize patrols, and are selective before moving to a new area. Manically violent when hunting, they are peaceful around kin, they care for and educate their young, rarely engage in group fighting and even attempt artistic endeavors. The few treaties they have made, they devoutly keep. However they are usually paid off with food, and when the food runs out they tend to go back to hunting everything in sight. Rangers and druids understand it is their hunger that drives their impulses - and while they are quick to attack a ship or caravan, small groups can beseech them for favors or to work for a cause.

Elemental & Magical Resistance: Spire Giants have 20 resistance versus any type of elemental and unnamed magical damage.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Prestige Class - Cult of the Vine (Unholy Drunks)

Cult of the Vine

Cult of the Vine is a low-level menace found in virtually every city on Nyssa and are especially active in the warmest parts of the domain. They believe intoxication is a divine state of being and most would prefer to be inebriated as often as they can. While not seen as a grave threat, many communities are torn apart by their celebrations. Their history and lack of culture makes other groups find them distasteful. Even worse they have significant connections with evil groups. Their presence does portend significant dangers.  Many lawful groups ban them but do not actively pursue them, trying to make it more difficult for them to meet or gain new members.

They exploit their members to gain abilities to temporarily boost their capacity to enable them to commit acts. Very few common members understand that this group has dark, twisted intentions as most just associate them with wild, fun communal events. Virtually everything they do is to sow mistrust and dissension so the cult and their allies can grow in their power.

Role: To share their love of excess, engage in fun activities and to watch for signs, then report what they see. Most times, it is meaningless, but these cultists always seem to be watching and preparing for a time to strike their foes down.

Alignment: Any non-lawful or good. They are chaotic by nature.

Hit Dice: D6

Requirements: To qualify to become a Vine Cultist  a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

Base Attack Bonus: +1
Skills: Acrobatics 3 ranks and Perform 3 ranks or Knowledge (Religion) +2 and Knowledge (nature)

Class Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Beer or Winemaking) Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (Religion), Perform (Cha), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Stealth (Dex), and Swim (Str).

Attack and saving Throws as a rogue

Class Features: They gain no new weapons or armor

Cult of the Vine

1st: Hideous Laughter (1 + 1/cha bonus), Feat, +6 skill points
2nd: Drunken Rage 1/3 levels; Bonus to Poison Saves (+2), +3 skill points, Gain +2 to any ability score
3rd: Share Damage 1; Share a Drink Effect, +3 skill points, Feat
4th: Hideous Shaking, Debauchery 1/day, +3 skill points
5th: Share Damage 3;  +3 skill points, Gain +2 to any ability score, Bonus to Poison Saves (+5 to saving throws)
6th: Drunk Dance (1/day, ten round max);  Hideous Stare, +3 skill points, Feat
7th: Touch of Drunkenness, Debauchery 3/day, +3 skill points
8th: Share Damage 5; Immunity to mind-affects , +3 skill points, Gain +2 to any ability score
9th Share Damage 9;  +3 skill points, Feat, Immunity to Poison
10th: Debauchery 5/day, +10 skill points, Feat,, Gain +2 to any ability score

Hideous Laughter: Afflicts a subject with uncontrollable laughter as per the spell for 1+ 1/cha bonus rounds. Victim can save every round to avoid. DC 10+Caster Level+Cha Bonus

Drunken Rage: The same as a barbarian's rage, except they can only induce this if they are drinking. It takes one round to be in affect. They do not need to be actually drunk, but once they are in the drunken rage, they cannot exit it until combat is over. They collapse for two times the number of rounds spent in rage induced combat.

Share a Drink: This is a ritual that has long been utilized but rarely recognized unless it's too late. Anyone who shares a drink with a cult of the vine member, has a 24 hour reprieve from taking actions against that cult member, equivalent to a charm person spell. There is no saving throw against the effect though magic resistance is effective. At the end of the drink, the cult member usually announces the effect. If the cult member, leaves without making the announcement, then the effect is nullified. If the drinker leaves and they break the social protocol, or they are not otherwise coerced or tricked, the charm effect is still in place. This trick rarely works more than once, although it could work with another cult member.

Hideous Shaking: Afflicts the subject with uncontrollable shaking, causing victims to take -4 to their dexterity, checks and move at half speed. Victims can save every round to avoid. DC 10+Caster Level+Cha Bonus

Debauchery: Cult of the vine members can psyche themselves up to perform acts of vileness or danger. They can add +3 to any wisdom saving throw or  ability check if they can spend one round preparing themselves. They can hold this advanced save adjustment for the next situation that calls for that roll, but if an unavoidable situation happens, they will use that bonus even if its not what they intended. At 7th level they can gain a +4 to their wisdom save, at 10th level this increases to +5.

Drunk Dance: While looking drunk and awkward, they are incredibly focused on completing their tasks.  They gain +6 to dexterity skill checks and +2 to reflex saving throws.

Hideous Stare: afflicts the subject with an impenetrable and uncontrolled stare, doing nothing else for 4-6 rounds. Victim can save every round to avoid.  DC 10+lev+Cha Bonus

Touch of Drunkeness: Victims who are touched, immediately feel inebriated, they begin to sway, talk loudly and take -4 on dexterity or strength checks due to awkwardness, -2 on attacks, (stacks with dexterity loss). They can take one round to calm down taking no physical action, and they can make a saving throw to throw off the drunken effects. DC 10+lev+Cha Bonus

Gain Bonus to Poison Save: Cult of Poison members prepare themselves by building up a significant range of poisons they have build up resistances to. At 9th level assume they have immunity to any poison that has a DC 24 or under.

Share Damage:  Just as the crowd somehow seems to share mindful tactics, those involved in the cult of the vine divide damage among themselves. They pass along damage to other cult members that are within 20 feet, they can pass one point of damage every round that they take damage. They can do this automatically once every round as long as the recipient would not die or be incapacitated by this damage. At higher levels, they can share more damage, but no recipient can take more than 1 damage any round. For example, if they share 3 damage, none of those members would have been inflicted shared damage from a different cult member that round.

Shared Damage 1 Range: 20 ft
Shared Damage 3 Range: 25 ft
Shared Damage 5 Range: 30 ft
Shared Damage 9 Range: 50 ft

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Corunus - Nevesh district within Mandos


A city within the Nevesh district, on the South-Western edge of Mandos. Well known for its many sea battles to put down several races on the Desolate Seas. It has a sizable navy made up of both official navy ships as well as free-ships hired upon the need. Officially they are still at wars with the elven tribes, but they do not openly attack or suppress them anymore, unless they cause issues in the city itself. Other Mandorrian districts look down upon them for their less than strict discipline, but the Nevians tend to ignore them, as they are given no backlash from the Mandorrian High Lord.

Long ignored rumors about powerful undead in the city itself are starting to show themselves. Some rather gruesome murders have been committed recently, high-ups are unsure if they are connected or not. There is less than stable peace with connected pirate ships that have been working with the navy, many are starting to complain their coin purses are growing very light.

Corunus: capital city of 200,000, Mandorrian city
Obelisks: Japeth, Quanna, Casna, Keran; Temple of Keran
Horn Maze, Statue Garden, Fountains, Snake Maze
Towers: Song, Spell, War, Watch, Guild, Sorrow, Silence

LE Large City
Corruption +3; Crime +2; Economy +2; Law +3; Lore +1; Society +1
Qualities notorious, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, superstitious
Danger +20
Government autocracy
Population 200,000 (150,000 humans; 20,000 dwarves)
Base Value 27,200 gp; Purchase Limit 200,000 gp; Spellcasting 8th

Noble Families:
di Corleon: Tharon noble family that promotes smuggling
di Manzanna: This Tharon noble family is into racketeeting, smuggling
di Vaza: Tharon noble family, heavily indebted. Owes lots of favors to smugglers and gamblers
di Vladaam: This Tharon Noble family runs the towns bureaucracies.
di Jammare: Tharon Noble family known for their smuggling.
di Van Deth: Tharon Noble family, well known for capturing and training animals, many are rangers or city knives (thieves)

Random Humanoid Encounters
01-70  Human
71-75   Dwarf
76-80  Tenderfoot    (Halflings, city based, great artists and craftsmen )
81-82  Lizardith       (Lizardmen, highly educated. Disdain armor, beautiful crafted magical weapons)
83-84  Elf                 (Wild elves great with bows)
85-86  Sylph            (Graceful, Winged Fae Humanoids, Skittish, always want to be travelling)
87  Goblin                (Gray skinned outcasts, Used as sewer servants, some are wickedly smart)
88  Ogren                 (Mostly civilized Ogre Brutes, Very strong,some are quite artistic. Peaceful.)
89  Rogue Modron   (Accidental machine outcast from Outsider Lawful Plane)  
90  Shandar-Kai       (Very thin, black wearing city dwelling rogue fey. Wickedly twisted humour.)
91  Minotaur            (Large, Strong, but loyal Fighter. Prefer to hunt in wild hunts or in honor duels)
92  Gnoll                  (Former slave race, evil tendencies, can be quite accomplished craftsmen)
93  Quillian              (Humanoid Purcupines can throw their quills, many are rangers or druids, )
94  Jahlen                 (Golden Horned Ram Humanoid, Minotaur-Kin)
95  Charr                  (Pale skinned humanoid hunters with magical armaments)
96  Gargoyle            (Winged figures that haunt towers, fully aware - both good and evil aligned)
97  Necrites              (Undead appearing humanoids that have returned to full life)
97  Jackalla               (Furred jackal humanoids that hunt undead, extremely lawful)
98  Phaetox               (Flame winged humanoids that cannot tell lies)
99  Clockwork          (Sentient Golem Mechanoid with freewill)
00  DM's Choice

Basic City Encounter Table - Daytime
01-06 Beggar or Poor Man
07-08 Favored of Keran
09-12 Cleric of Keran (4th - 6th)*
13-14  Undead usually chained (Low level only)
15-16: Tame    (Bird-Headed Humanoids)
17-18 Animals (Swarm, Rats, Insects)
19-20: Pet (Cat, Dog, Snake, Owl, Weasel, Daybat, large insect)
21-22: Cat Sphinx
23-25: Drunk (Roll Again)
26-28: Gentleman, Nobleman or Rogue (3rd-10th)
29-34: Guild Member or Craftsmen
35-36: Soldier or City Guard (1st-3rd)
37-38: Mercenary or Men at Arms (4th-6th) (Licensed to carry weapons)
39-40: Dancer, Harlot or Rogue (3rd-10th)
41-42: Professional Hunter or Ranger (4th - 8th)
43-45:  Laborer
46-55: Worker
56-65: Merchant
66-68: Nobleman
69-70: Busker
71-72: Animal Handler or Stabler
73-75: Sailor or Dock hand
76-77: Farmhands
78: Small Mob # 11-30 (children at play, upset workers, sport fans, protesters, etc)
79 -80: Visitors or Pilgrims
81-83: Silver Knight or Paladin (3rd - 8th)
84-85: Sorcerer (3rd - 6th)
86-88: Apprentice
89-90: Guild Officer
91-92: Disguised (Roll again)
93-95: Shapechanger (Lycanthrope, Doppleganger, Rakshasa, etc)
96+: DM's Choice

*Assume all NPCs are average 2-4th level in their field unless noted
**10% of all workers are dual classed rogues
***For a city or region in Mandos, assume all random religious figures or wizards have loyalty to the Dark Lord Keran

Random Building 
01       Artist
02-04: Bard, Busker or Entertainer
05-06: Apothecary or Herbalist  ^
07-08: Brewer
09-12: Baker or Miller
13-15: Mason, Construction or Wood Worker  ^
16-17: Offices (Advocate, Alderman or City Councillor)  ^
18-19: Weaver, Tailor, or Leather-Worker
20-22: Shantal (Free Prostitute)
23-24: Water Tower or Well
25-26: Pet-Master, Animal Handler or Taxidermist
27-29: Stables
30: Clocksmith  (Locksmith or Tinkersmith)  ^
31-32: Jeweler or Goldsmith  ^
33: School, Private-Expert, Lecturer or Teacher  ^
34-39: Bar, Tavern or Restaurant
40-45: Sailor, Dockworker or Labourer  ^
46-48: Library (Scribe or Cartographer)  ^
49-50: Psychic or Astrologer  ^
51-53: Barber, Stylist or Cosmetician
54:       Undertaker  ^
55-56: Hooper
57-58: Secretary, Butler or Herald
59-60: Labourer
61-65: Armoury (Blacksmith or Armourer) ^
66-70: Restaurant (Butcher or Chef)
71-73: Bank (Accountant, Moneylender or PawnSmith) ^
74:      Tobbaconist
75-76: Perfumer
77-80: Charcoil, Burning Oil or Fireworks ^
81-82: Brassworker ^
83-85: Gardener (Farmer or Flowerist)
86-88: Guilder  ^
89 -90: Servicing Industry
91-94: Music Hall
95-98: Auctioneer or Trader ^
99:       Known Location (see below)
00        DM's Choice.

 ^ - Usually considered a part of city or guilded union. Membership is limited and much more expensive to join ranks for training - their prices they charge are also much higher. Often have a vote on city guild decisions. Each city can have different listing.

Locations in the City

Unicorn’s Rest – cheap inn & pub. Lots of adventurers gather here. Always a few Minotaur wardens, paid by the owners. Cassannus: Elven Rogue, campaigner & former pirate spends his time here. All the serving women are very endowed. Many adventuring contacts are here.

Trollip: low-life bar, known spice hall. Many low level criminals reside here. Knights avoid it, as many have been poisoned here.

Scer’s Anvil: Dwarven run bar. K’Nerr

Zammo’s: This was once a movable citadel, apart of a great series of battles against the Tergen. Some say it was retired here, others claim it was broken and can no longer move until fixed. Many use it as a training site, for others it is a meeting point. Some clerics bring faithful members into the citadel to test them, many are driven mad.

Keen Axe: near the port district, Well known as a place knights and like-minded adventurers hang out. No official ownership and the menus change substantially quite often. While left alone, it is always well watched.

Red Bulline: very fancy restaurant and bar. Dram decorations abound. Well loved by clerics & faithful of Keran who often come here to dine in peace. Some illegal spices can be purchased here, but never actually consumed. Best place to find wine and other liquors in the town. While two clockworks maintain the peace. This is an unofficial guilder sanctuary – meaning there are few rogue types that would dare upset the calm here knowing what would happen to them. Used by high-level mobsters to discuss policies. Nazaan di Corleon (9th level Rogue/6th level Assassin) owns the bar, however Horvath di Corleon: 5th lev Rogue runs it.

The Silver Razor: a barber shop, is the best place to find information on the criminals. Run by a Phastian free-man named: Hassan ibn Kallin (human, N, rogue). The price for a shave is expensive (25 crowns) but they may ask questions and he often knows the best places to investigate. Hassan employs Mavanna & Killileo as grooms.

Tower of Delights: While not an official “pleasure guild” it is effectively one, as the proprietor runs it as one. This is one of the few areas where cult members hang out and are left alone. It is run by Delilah D’Evermore who appears as a thirty year old incredibly attractive and sharp-tongued madam; in truth she is an exiled Succubus. She treats her workers well and makes sure they are not harmed. Devious sexual activity has a high price but never reported, and the girls are paid very well. There are ten minotaurs and Reginna (Halfling female, Bard) keep the peace. Cost: 5 crowns to enter and unlimited drinks, Prices range from 5 – 50 crowns for service. There are no halflings working here, but there are young men. Delilah uses her brothel to hunt for powerful individuals and perhaps more importantly rumors. She has given powerful magical daggers to good aligned adventuring groups.

Obelisk of Casna: low obelisk with simple decorations and a small group of humble faithful. Osorii: 9 headed Purple Beholder acts as the High priest of Casna. He also acts as a judge for conflicts between nobles. He does not give sanctuary to those who break the law; very through with questions about why someone is seeking city asylum.

Tower of Sorrow: Internment of the dead happens here without formality or ritual, unless the mourners request & pay for it. Eilithieen a Jackalla cleric of Anubis controls the tower. She has a hatred for necromancers and will not bury them. The only people she meets with are adventurers who have encountered undead; for these groups she allow them to cast necromancer / information spells for detailed information on the undead they face. She will often lead undead raids herself. She believes leaders should lead by example.

Obelisk of Keran: a small but highly elaborate obelisk in the east of town. Run by Oppullin di Zeck (human, cleric of Keran) who only recently inherited his position. All services have a heavy fee attached, so much so that many others will request help from other clerics while in town. It is assumed he has a debt to pay off. He does not keep requests by the church of Keran - avoiding them.