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Friday, 24 February 2017

Company of the Hardened Anvil PT 7

Roll # 1 Track Check +8 (vs DC 16) Succeed Find Evidence of lots of Dwarves
Roll # 2  Random Monster Check # 1    4 / 20 (2d10) Fail (+2 on next roll)
Roll # 3  Encounter A - 15% Location Roll - 2d10
                                 B - 15%  Monster (2d10) - Action determined (# 24)
                                 C - 50% Location
                                 D - 20% Monster (2d20)

Caventh was already stepping away from the party in the opposite direction as the dwarves went. There were so many boot prints from the various dwarven patrol, as this was not the start but in the middle of a long route they followed.  The  Ranger started to head down the pathway, motioning for his teammates to follow. The remaining members did as asked, keeping very quiet. Unnos motioned to Zounnos, his familiar, a winged snake to take flight, and watch their backs. Rillo and Unnos had small magicked devices that gave out a little light, but the rest of the party didn't need them.

The tunnel was approximately ten feet wide, and a little higher. They could have gone down side by side but the Jahlen led more than fifty feet ahead of the others and the others got into a standard formation zig-zag. Caventh's hoofed feet made barely a mark in the sand on the floor.  Every few minutes, he disappeared going ahead to scout, then returned to tell them that there were smaller rooms ahead, none of them with little interest.  They went down and passed the three rooms, all around 15 by 30 feet, and a quick glance revealed nothing, then came up to a turning corner, heading south.

They continued down the path, but switched so the Finder and commander of the party led. She went much closer to the walls, slower and a more deliberate step, she went around the corner and waved them forward. In the middle of the long passageway, was a 30-40 foot hole, and up from it many kinds of vines, with small bright colourful flowers. The vegetation didn't seem to match anything in the geographic region, much more vibrant.

Slowly continuing, Rillo turned to Caventh, `Is this natural?`

But it was their Sorcerer that answered, `Yes, it's called a bolt, a break in realities. It's not what we need.`

"It's not a portal?" Rilla asked, turning to Unnos.  Caventh started moving closer, very slowly, he took out his large axe and scanned.

"I doubt this goes to another world. It`s most likely somewhere else here, on Nyssarria."  Unnos explained, he closed his eyes and started to hum, concentrating. He opened his eyes moments later.

The Jahlen ranger came closer, and started smelling something...a wonderful bouquet of fresh vegetation, so many plants, and vines and flowers. The smell made him hungry for fresh food.
He hesitated, and as he looked into the jungle canopy, he swore he saw a pair of black eyes, staring at him, hiding behind some of the leaves.

The Ranger spoke in Elven, the most likely language of a plant based creature, welcoming the thing out. But it was not a puny, pointy eared humanoid, but a large, black furred ape, carrying a large metal sword, in a style of armor that he didn't recognize, walking carefully out.

His party members grabbed their weapons...but Caventh put up his arms to ward them off. He was not, a danger, or, not an immediate one. The ape held his weapon at bay, he growled something, and Vassano acknowledged in another language. the cleric held up his holy symbol, and there was no energy emanating from it. Not a threat, just not an ally.

'He's telling us to go.' the cleric said, 'very bluntly.' The ranger moved up, and grabbed some of the leaves to break them off, then brought them up to his mouth to take a bite. This was real, it was really there. When he looked up, he saw the ceiling. But when he looked down, there was a jungle. The ape shifted towards him, and he took a step back. Another motion in his periphery...this ape was not alone.

The cleric stated plainly, 'We don't need to confront him, he's not an enemy.' He looked at the ape, who had slightly moved towards the ranger, ready at any moment to strike him down

The Jahlen ranger stepped back, there was enough room on their pathway, then continued walking backwards. When he was safe, and passed the hole, he called out, 'Are you still seeing this?'

'What?' Rillo asked.

'Come over here and look at this!' Caventh said in wonder, and the human Finder slowly walked past, never losing the ape in her vision. But when she was three steps passed, the bolt, the ape, the plants, were all gone.

'Unnos, why are we not seeing it from where we are?' She took a slow swipe with her weapon, but there was no affect.

One after another, they all stepped past, and again it dissapeared quickly from their view. It wasn't just the view, Caventh heard, and smelled the bright living energy of this far away land. But now, none of it was there.

Unnos looked back and then added, 'The bolt is directional, it only works heading south, if we were to pass by it heading north...we may never have noticed it.' His eyes glowed brightly, as he hummed a spell, his eyes now cast a light outward. 'And there's no mana, no tell-tale sign of any magic anywhere.' He blinked, then moved back in the other direction, slowly until he could see the bolt hole again, he reached out to grab some of the vines, and tore it off.

'Toss me some of those plants again, very tasty!' the goatman said, most of his kin, the Jahlen, were herbivores, and those leaves were certainly fresh.

"How often does something like this occur?" Rillo asked, taking a few more steps away.

"Very rare." Unnos said, "But it can naturally occur. Many fae say this is how they travel between forests, but in small bolts. Not what we need."

"Vasano, what language was that?"`Rillo asked, turning to the heavenly cleric.

"It was a derivation of the natural Plant tongue. The Thornes taught it to me."`he said, "He certainly understood my reply." the cleric replied.

"Plant?" Rillo responded, "Plants talk?"

The heavenly cleric smiled, "No, but they do sing, a lot. Almost continuously in some places. You just have to know how to listen."

"Well we," the ranger replied, rocks thump. Like a drumming sound."

Their leader shook her head, trying to wrap her head around it. Then remembered her mission, "We have someone to find...move it!" Rillo said, and took the lead again heading south, again the tunnel turned, and lead to three smaller rooms on the left side. These, for the most part looked

like natural formations in the caves, they had sections that were more worn out, but, nothing seemed to be alive in them. The passageway took a sharp angle down, still passable but they needed to slow their pace to avoid tumbling over, the Jahlen again led the group.

 As they headed down, he began seeing something on some of the stones. He leaned in to see some of the natural grooves filled with a pusy orange colour, then he looked up, scanning around, seeing a break in the rock. He motioned up to the others, then preped himself in order to jump. His people were considered the best jumpers, but normally it was to find footing during an escape or battle. His strong limbs let him take two small steps and bounce upwards, high enough to grab onto the upper surface and look in.  Quickly he dropped the thirty feet back down to tell the others, "Slime trap. Follow my lead, stick tight to the walls." The party did as requested, staying very close to the walls. Caventh wasn't sure if this was a natural trap by some barely conscious slime creatures, or one set up by someone using these creatures.

Not long after the slime trap, they noticed the tunnel sloped downward again, not exactly a slide, but if one were too heavy or too fast that could always trip. Rillo took over, scouting up ahead, she motioned for the group to stay put. Coming back a few minutes later, she explained that there was a slime pit up ahead, and the passage way split off.

They took their time headed down the stone tunnel, as the slime trap was not natural, but it was fairly easy to understand and avoid. The pit they passed down was very deep, fifty feet down, and it was well designed as to have no notice before the drop. Rillo indicated she wanted to go down and see if there was anything left over, but Caventh hesitated. In other traps like this, it was used to capture and kill invaders, then take their equipment, and at that depth, most likely all but coins or magic trinkets wouldn't be able to survive the fall.  The slimes in the pit did not seem to notice them, they were barely aware of anything other than their natural tendencies to slog and hunt.

They had two choices of immediate path, one going mostly west and the other immediate east. Since the west one had much more footprints from boot marks, that seemed to be the most logical. heading along, they found a much larger room than any of the other areas they had seen so far, when Caventh looked in, he reined the others over. There were benches, two aside and a dozen deep, all lining up with a small pedestal. There were no other symbols on it, so the group wasn't sure if this was a religious area or not .The area was in disarray, though no immediate signs of magic.

Caventh noted the four dark tapestries along the back wall, so faded, it would be easy to miss if one wasn't paying attention. As in the upper Tower, windows were up around fifteen feet, though no light was pouring in. The two tapestries on the outer rim showed generic battle scenes at first glance, the interior two showed elegant display of hundreds of rings. They opened them up, showing three mostly empty storehouse, containing broken items, books, small figurines. Mostly garbage. But the last one contained a cage, and in the center of the locked room was a solid, white stone statue of a woman held in chains.

Roll # 1 - Checking out the cage and lock
Roll # 1b - The Statue (DC 19)
Roll # 2 - Further check on the room (DC 13, DC 16, DC 22)
Roll # 3 Wandering Monster Check (6/20)
                                 A - 25% Monster (2d10)
                                 B - 25%  Monster (2d20)
                                 C - 50% Monster (3d20)

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Enzalmed Skull of Kaiddor'Vec

I love it when someone posts an idea that inspires me into game tinkering. Thanks +Christopher Mennell

The Enzalmed Skull of Kaiddor'Vec

Zalming is an ancient and generally outlawed practice of taking bones from spell-users and creating a spell focus from them. Most often, practitioners of this vile art take complete bones from fallen spell-casters (Mages, Clerics but any other is possible) and coating them in plaster just after their deaths. The idea being since magic never truly leaves the body, so it acts as a focus for spell-casters, giving a spell a +1 or to the DC of one of their spells once a day.

While this is generally the understood practice, stories tell of the ultimate instance of this magic when a renown magic user named Kaiddor began enzalming himself before their death. His family, the di Vec* clan were regognized artists and had vast fortunes from their work with royalty. There are various rumours about why he did this, the one most believed is that he was trying to change himself to lich in a unique fashion, enzalming himself while alive. Instead of taking his own life to complete the ritual, he was kidnapped by a group of dark cultists and executed, his head removed. Since he had already prepared himself, they they had a complete and powerful Enzalmed Spell-Head.

Mechanically it can either provide three additional spell levels of a caster's lowest spells they can cast per day, or it can provide +5 on spell focus for non-healing or fire related learning spells.

Cost: 10,000 gold pieces, Spell Level: As 7th level Caster

*di XXX is the designation of honoured families in any given area. Many have specific rights over non-honored families, including taxation and voting. Thus when he was alive, his recognized name would be Kaiddor of House Vec or Kaiddor di Vec in common usage. Stripping him of the recognition of the family is a significant embarrassment to him and potentially any offspring who could also lose these same rights.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Company of the Hardened Anvil PT 6 b

The party settled into the back of the unit, but two dwarves immediately walked behind them as they came up to the front of the Tower. From just a few hundred feet away, it looked like a solid grey stone wall, but this close, they could see the many colours of the stone meshed together,

There was a group of black armoured human soldiers at attention there, elaborate weapons at the ready. One of the Keranites greeted the Dwarf First Axe commander and his herald shouted the proper responses, and the guarding soldiers stepped back, letting the party through.

Almost immediately there were in a large high room, filled with weapons rack, armor and crates. The circular room was more than 500 feet around, no pillars or other support networks, ceiling was fifty feet high, and three  stairs lead up to differing parts of the upper levels.  A dozen or more triangular windows streamed light in, yet there were no windows on the outside of the Tower, certainly none less than 400 feet high.

There were around a hundred human men, most wearing armour in the various colours of their faith. The Black Kerintes, Gold Quannians, Purple Casnians, and Orange Japethians mostly kept to themselves in their groups, all huddled around a ladder, in four ends, each directly opposed to each other. Most of the soldiers were not at attention, they were laying down or sitting, playing card games or drinking, doing what soldiers did everywhere.

The Dwarves headed to the Orange Coloured followers of the god Japeth, Holy Knight and Defender of the Weak. His followers were the strictest of the good aligned gods, many of them strove to be Paladins, but even those that did not abide by the rigid code, still tried to be dedicated to good causes. One of the Orange suited human soldiers came out and greeted one of the Dwarves, and then a few others came out and did the same, shaking hands and having polite words. No one said anything to their company who were among the Dwarves.

Vasano knew who each of these groups represented and why they were here; every soldier, knight, or even priest and many others often came to the Obelisk churches in the city for healing or curse removal, most often they would be sent to these locations to serve in lieu of coins. If not for the formality, he could strike up conversations with probably a dozen of more of the men here, who like him served one of the gods - yet among the rigid formality, he could not, they could not. Peace was more important than arguments, even polite ones. They served together because they had to, in case anything from below the tunnels again. They each had their role, and out of formality tried to avoid making any kinds of political waves. There was magical energy here, but unlike most he was exposed to, it was not aligned, it was a chaotic, uncontrolled, and a taint of evil.

The sorcerer realized what this place was, and it overwhelmed him. In every city, there were two or more obelisks that provided the magical energy from the gods, these were the centres of faith.  All magic users used this energy, whether as the faithful clerics, or the mages that usurped the energy, or even sorcerers that was gifted access. But this Tower brimmed with more energy than any place he had ever experienced...he could cast his spells repeatedly without losing them in his memory, exactly like clerics in large cites. The question came to him. if this placed exploded with such magical energy, why were there no spellcasters here? He looked around, and he saw a few clerics or paladins here, but where were the Wizards?

Some of the Dwarves pulled out coins and threw them down the hole beside the ladder, they were gifted with magical light, and they began to go down the stairs. Even before their party reached the ladder, the dwarves were already at the bottom level, and began to move in a rhythmic manner, going thru the pathways, towards another ladder. They moved into another room, another tunnel, another ladder. Their train went on, and on, a dozen times. The entire party going through the steps.following the Dwarves who knew this path.  Sometimes the ladders descended twenty feet, other times, more than a hundred feet. The rooms, the floors, the ladders, no patterns but the Dwarves knew where to go without delay.

Eventually, going down one of the larger ladders, the party noticed the dwarves had remained firm, circled around the ladder until everyone came together, The leader, the First Axe spoke to them. `That was two hours to get here, it will take us three to go back. There are other ladders, but this is the quickest path, and you wont get lost. Get back here in five hours, and you can travel back. If you deviate, you will get lost. We won`t go looking for you, and I doubt your employer will either.`

Rillo, the smallest of the party had already taken out her two daggers, placed them at her side as she looked around, `So, if we see something - we can kill it? If we find something - we can take it?'

The First Axe nodded his head, 'I would give you more precise suggestions, but I know you won`t listen. Don`t take anything nasty or evil out, leave it down here - those soldiers above won`t just kill you...they can do much worse. Trust me on this...anything more than a trinket they will confiscate it.`

Rillo nodded, and so did the rest of her party in agreement. Almost in unison the dwarves lifted their axes and pushed out an 'ooph' and then began their route.

As soon as the Dwarves left, Unnos spoke up, `You may not feel it, but there`s mana here. Pools of raw magic. Unlike anything I've ever felt. Do you feel it Vasano?`

The cleric looked at him and shook his head, `Do you understand, Freecaster,` using an old pejorative term for any magic user not dedicated to serving the gods, 'This isn't mana. This is Not from the gods. It is chaos from the depths, from the Darkness.` He took out his holy circlet, his connection to the divine, without it he could cast no spells or affects. Anytime he was around divine energy, it would glow, to indicate the magnitude of the energy. If Unnos was correct, it would sparkle with energies, but it was blunt, no sparkle, no light. 'Any divine energy, I would feel it. This is dangerous... Avoid casting spells.'

Caventh grabbed his hammer tightly, and looked away from the others...he was sensing something, what was near them?

'So..`' Rillo said, `'You have less energy' she said pointing at Vasano, 'And you`re drunk with it.' motioning to Unnos. She shook her head. `'We have two missions in six hours. We find the guard Renthok, and if we have enough time we... look for what we came here for. we are not engaging unless we have to.`

`Tracker...'  Rillo motioned to Caventh who had already stepped away, looking for signs of movement.

Roll # 1 Track Check +8 (vs DC 16)
Roll # 2  Random Monster Check # 1    4 / 20 (2d10)
Roll # 3  Encounter A - 15% Location
                                 B - 15%  Monster (2d10)
                                 C - 50% Location
                                 D - 20% Monster (2d20)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
DMs Note: Up until now, I haven't been using the characters actual skill scores for checks, they are only in use while in dungeons / gameable situations. Also, the way I use them is each time a character succeeds in a check, they get a -1 for the next identical skill roll by that character in the same day. 

Example: Caventh the Ranger has +8 in his track skill. If he attempts to simply identify a set of tracks and succeeds, then on his next roll, he gets a +7, etc for the remainder of the day. If, on his roll he fails, but tries immediately (5 rounds or less) thereafter on the same check, he would get a -5 penalty assuming everything else remains the same.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

"Company of the Hardened Anvil" PT 6 a

"Company of the Hardened Anvil" PT 6 v1

Roll # 1  Meeting the Patrol Leader (DC 11)  +5 - Result 9 (Fail)
Roll # 2 First Level In (DC 12)  +4 - Result 6 (Fail)
Roll # 3 Stairs Down (DC 14)  +3 - Result 14 (Succeed)
Roll # 4 - Any other suggestions?

At the appropriate time, the party made their way toward the Tower, trying to ignore all the distractions on the path. There were many, anyone with coin in their pocket or longing in their heart or a dry mouth, could find something to better capture their attention. But the early moon was out, it was early evening and they had somewhere to be.  The Tower knights paid them little attention, but a few of the marching soldiers looked directly at them.

A hundred feet outside of the site, a group of well armed and heavily fortified Dwarves, around twenty or so, stood ready, but not in attention, their flag had the markings they were looking for. All of them had very similar weapons, an axe, hammer and crossbow, and their armors mirrored each other in precision. This was not a rag-tag bunch of volunteers = these were soldiers, professional ones. They looked old and rugged and marking of experience across their faces.  A few of them looked over, but there were no welcoming shouts.

The party stopped, and Rillo stepped forward, looking for someone who looked different, someone who looked in command. None of them spoke, or lifted a hammer, the most traditional way for Dwarves and their allies to greet one another. Rillo wasn't sure what these men, these Dwarves were told, if anything. 'Is there a Lead in this group?' She waited for a sound, but a few guffaws greeted her, but they all stood silently still, looking at the party.

'Wee're heere to elp ye in yer search.' Rillo spoke again, changing her accent to the Spirelands, the mountains of rock that bolt up from the earth to high above the sky, hoping that this would get a better reaction from them. Again nothing.

The ranger, Caventh came up to her, and put a hand on her shoulder. 'First Axe' he said in Dwarven. His people the Jahlen were called Stone Brothers by their mountain Dwarf kin, in many places, he hoped they would recognize him as an ally.

'Ye be Raiders?' came the reply by one of the Dwarves in the same tongue, who stepped out. No weapons in his hand, but his armor semed a little different than the rest.

"No. We're working for Vorrecknos the Bull" A bunch of the dwarves jeered and turned away. The leader said nothing and did not move, at first.

"Your first mission for him?" the fighter asked... Caventh nodded. "Do you know his reputation?"

Caventh hesitated, "We're We need to get below, he was..."

The Dwarf commander finished his sentence, "The easiest way to get below."  The jahlen froze, he could tell the Dwarf disapproved. The First Axe commander turned away, but spoke, "Follow us. Don't get in our way...when we get down to the 20th floor,  you'll have five hours, maybe six. Whatever you want done, do it. No slaves, no undead...If we get bounty, you don't get a share."

"Got it." Caventh said slowly. He wanted to go up and shake the dwarves hand, but hesitated. The commander wasn't angry, but his contempt was heavy. So the dwarves weren't allies, probably knew they wouldn't turn them away,

Ennoss stepped forward to speak with him. 'They cast belief spells...they don't trust us.'

Their leader, Rillo said bluntly - 'First steps. We may stumble but we need to get down there.'

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Company of the Hardened Anvil PT 5

"Company of the Hardened Anvil" PT 5

Roll 1 - Required DC 15 (+6) = Getting to Vorrecknos; Rolled 22 - Success
Roll 2 - Required DC 20 (+4) = Dice Games; Rolled 8 - Strong Failure

The entire party started making their way through the camps, filled with the soldiers and rogues from across the region. Most of these men were here for short periods and did their honour bound duty. Others came for the pitiful pay or a chance to make it rich down below. The most desperate were these scoundrels, not used as explorers or guards but a living barricade, thrown into the mass combat, if something were to re-appear out of the Tower or its catacombs. Most served a few years and saw no action, then returned to a normal prison having served a substantial part of their sentence. For others, there was no return, if they did face an encounter from the caverns most likely they would be dead.

The Casnian guards were very light around here, a few soldier standing in groups of three or four, paying little heed to anything except their conversations with each other. If one didn't recognize the purple flags, one could almost assume they were regulars, here fighting for glory or wealth. An assortment of creatures, Dwarf and Human were the majority of the prisoners and a few others like Tender, and Minotaur, and some more that couldn't be immediately identified. Some had small

Vorrecknos sat at a table with a group, who he pushed away with a snort when he saw the adventurers approach. The whole party started to come closer, and he put up his hand, to say that only one need come forward.  Caventh did, and the two had a brief conversation, the Minotaur told his Jahlen associate what to do, deliver a package to a guard, and return for half the pay tomorrow evening. Nothing was really illegal, just frowned upon as Vorrecknos explained it. Caventh left for a moment to speak with his group.

Unlike the rest of her party, Ennos was hard to recognize, she deliberately dressed in dark cloaks to limit potential recognition. Few non-casters would ever know of her people, but she had been accosted many times in cities before having to flee, and didn't want her party to suffer with her, especially among the most technical and lawful, the faithful of Casna. She did her best to get a view of the Minotaur, but what she saw was the bold red skin and hair, a paid of magnificent white horns - Vorrecknos was Knothian Minotaur, a true-born. His grey skin and black feeble was horn was probably due to poisoning. This was a bad sign... she explained it to Unnos, but he sushed her, not a point right now, but certainly intriguing.

Rillo asked if anyone had problems accepting the deal, and all but Vasano agreed immediately, while they all wanted to get below, the cleric was unsure. He still didn't trust the Minotaur but the others were trying to convince him to take the risk. The cleric looked down at his holy symbol circlet, which had a slight brown glow emanating from it, there was danger but he was unsure if this Minotaur bastard was what he felt ... he nodded agreement, they had to get below.

The ranger stepped back and said the group consented. Immediately thereafter, the Grey Minotaur dropped two bags down. One he explained is half the payment, the other was to be delivered to Renthok, a Dwarf guard on the 20th floor. The best way to get below was with one of the patrols, he gave them a badge that would enable them to work with one of the Dwarven patrols. All of the party knew this wasn't strictly above board, it skittered the lawful structure in the Tower guard - probably not enough to get arrested though.

As the party headed back to their camp, Rillo noticed a small tent outside the prison area, a place with considerable movement. She slowly made her way closer and recognized this as a small gambling den. She made careful observation of where the watchers were, and who the patrons were, a majority of Tender, Elves and human soldiers. The dealers she couldn't recognize, but she was sure that this was a place of action. She made her way there but was stopped by two guards in black armor, long tall black feather, they carried flails and elaborately decorated crossbows; they were obviously from the Church of Keran, one of the largest lawful groups in the realm, strictly lawful and usually very evil.

They asked her about the third moon...and she had no proper reply, she didn't know the correct passwords, so they dismissed her and said it was a busy day and she couldn`t make it into the gaming tent. She knew if she had the time she would find the passwords by talking with enough people in the area, Was this a casino of Fatanus she wondered, but why would the Keranites be guarding this? This was something to remember for another day.

Roll # 1  Meeting the Patrol Leader (DC 11) +4
Roll # 2 First Level In (DC 12)  +3
Roll # 3 Stairs Down (DC 14)  +3
Roll # 4 - Any other suggestions?

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Fleshing out the play-by-post characters

"Company of the Hardened Anvil"

Rillo (Rillonius D'Zamat) A short haired heavily tattooed, human female in red leather armor, can appear as a male if she needs to. Very quick with short blades, she has a great tumbling ability that she utilizes in combat.  Raised as a former slave in a Mandorrian city, far to the South. Has many city and sailor contacts. Utilizes a weapon that was absorbed into her body, that appears as a tattoo that she can summon into her hands. Found a book of spells that Unnos wants to have, and she has promised that eventually he will be able to look through its pages. Was apart of the 3-Silvers Guild, a notorious thieving group, until she gave them up realizing they were being manipulated by a dark cult. Role: 4th level Finder (Rogue); Align: CN

Vassano D'Aquarra - Young, male, naive face, very studious and faithful. Raised in great temples, where his presence brought heavenly admirers. At certain times, a glorious halo surrounds his head, which is only known celestial heritage. His mother was an adventurer with strong local connections to many adventuring parties, his father was a heavenly consort that he has not been able to find. Was long courted by the faithful of Quanna, but he has always been more connected to the city knights, followers of the Lord of the Poor - Darras. He serves because of favors secured by Rillo, a scoundrel that has helped him and his church out. Role: 4th level Cleric; Align: NG

Caventh Zore - Jahlen ranger, without his golden horns,  looking for a way to them to be reborn, has a helmet that copies his innate shape. From the Eastern spires, a hunter that has long helped with tracking criminals, both with his people and the Phaetox peoples. One of his jobs took him into a Cult of Vilrice that took him prisoner, that started torturing him and eventually lead to their removal of his golden horns, the worst possible sentence for a Jahlen. He now hunts evil cultists, which was his connection with Rillo.  Role: 4th level Ranger; Align: CG

Unnos - Mystic, bald human male with a prominent mustache from the Spirelands, a remote area where humans and Phaetox are the only ones in the area. Unnos was first hired to travel in the jammers, then later learned he could make much money funds by going into dungeons.  Nyssian Sorcerer types switch spells at any church - for him, it is the churches of both the Light (Quanna) and Dark (Keran) but must pay the equivalent to a spell study to switch. Has a winged snake for a familiar that never leaves his arm: Role: 4th level sorcerer; Align: LN

Ennoss - Blue skinned humanoid female with white hair, she is a Vottinna, who are magic nulifiers. She uses her thin rapier, two daggers and her martial arts monk training in combat.  Her people have long been heralded for removing cursed magic and stealing the same artefacts alike, to her people all magical items are dangerous and should be destroyed.  Connected strongly to the Sorcerer as they were both captured by the Dacian Phaetox for crimes, and when they were imprisoned together found out that they could work together for incredible benefits to their abilities. She changed her name, and now follows the male around in a subservient role, helping him achieve his goals, to complete hers - hunt down dangerous items.  Role: 4HD Monster + Rogue; ; Align: LN~LE