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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Infected Lycanthrope Template

This is how I treat lycanthopy in my games. It is a curse, but it can also be a boon, depending upon the character, as it has quite a few benefits for non-spellcasters, ranger or standard fighters.

If a character is infected by lycanthropy, the player has three game options: find a cure, create a new character OR they take the template below. They do not lose any class abilities, but they gain the abilities listed below and cannot take new levels in any other classes. If they do not seek a cure, they become stronger were-beasts as they increase in HD / class levels.

Infected Lycanthrope Base

Gain Monster HD for any additional levels until cured
Transform when their primary moon is full or if they are severely injured
All HD or level here refers to their lycanthrope HD not total level

Gain +2 to any two ability scores when transformed (Str, Dex, Con)
Gain + 2 to these scores every 3rd HD attained (+4 at 4th HD, +6 at 7th HD, +8 at 10th HD)
Gain natural weapons, animal empathy of their kin, darkvision and low-light vision plus scent.

Infected Lycanthropes gain either hybrid or full Animal form. Gain 3rd form at 10 HD
Increase natural attacks by upsizing dice damage every 3 HD (1d6 -- 1d8 -- 1d10 -- 1d12 -- 2d8)
Gain +1 to Natural AC for every two Lycanthrope HD attained, but only when transformed
Gain DR Silver 1 / Lycanthrope HD but only when transformed

HD Increase: Feat +1/2 levels, +6 skills, statistical increases every 5 levels

They lose ability to utilize weapons in either hybrid or animal form.

If in animal form they take temporary dmg equal to half granted armor AC every hour if the character remains in armor.

An infected Lycanthrope does not transmit the curse unless they bite (total percentage of damage arising inflicted by their bite damage. Any magical healing before the next moon night, reduces the calculated chance.)

A PC who gains 10 Lycanthrope levels gains the Natural Lycanthrope status, and is in full control of their curse and can infect others from their bites but others are not automatically at risk of infection. They cannot be cured of lycanthropy after this point. No other character class options until they reach 10 Monster HD levels

Curse of Lycanthrope

Anytime a character is attacked by a lycanthrope, there is a chance the disease is spread based on the below calculation table if they want to avoid contracting the .

10% or less of Max HP - Fort DC 13
11-25% or less of Max HP - Fort DC 16
26-50% of Max HP - Fort DC 20
51-75% or Max HP - Fort DC 25
+1 DC for every additional 5% dmg inflicted.

A PC may forgo their save to gain the Lycanthrope Curse if they are bitten. They may still be cured, if they go to a cleric who casts remove curse. Lawful Good characters may not gain the curse willingly but they need not lose their class levels from this if they take precautions. They must leave civilizations to hunt on moon filled nights. If they do not attack innocents or break other vows, they should be able to maintain their class vows and morality.

Clerics and Paladins have the most at risk, most will lock themselves up if they cannot find a magical cure.  Druids, however, have little downside and many will seek this as a natural blessing.

Characters who die before the next full moon, but are raised, must save at the next two occasions but each time is at half their normal chance.

PCs can not start as Natural Lycanthropes and cannot control when they change. Immediately after transformation, the PCs becomes an NPC, but the character may be controlled by the player for combat that induces the change - DM'S ruling. Most times the werebeast leaves, does their were business and then returns in the morning. The character may not be at the same HP as when they left. Characters cannot regain spells or HP after a night of hunting.

Transform during full moon nights or when under emotional or physical strain.. Natural Lycanthropes never change uncontrollably unless they are reduces to 10% or less of their full HP total.

Infected lycanthropes can seek a cure. A remove curse by a 15th level cleric of a good deity agaisnt a DC 30 is the default. By making offerings, or going on a quest, can decrease the required DC.

Uncontrolled Transformation

A Lycanthrope will ALWAYS transform when at 10% of Max HP
1 or 2 HD will transform when at 80% of Max HPs - DC 12 Will or Fort save to avoid change
3 HD - Transform when at 60% of max HPs - DC 15 Will or Fort save to avoid change
6 HD - Transform when at 40% of max HPs - DC 18 Will or Fort save to avoid change
9 HD - Transform when at 20% of max HPs - DC 23 Will or Fort save to avoid change
12 HD - An infected Lycanthrope gains mastery over their condition and can change at will
15 HD - Transform into the next size level, double base movement, +6 on all physical changes

The listed HD are for lycanthrope HD levels only. If a 10th level character has seven fighter levels and 3 HD, use only 3 HD for transformation nnumbers.

When the character changes, they continue combat. When fighting is over, they will not attack allies and most leave to hunt until the next morning

PCs control if they want to change back. It the character is in an urban setting, they may have committed evil acts when hunting. If in a rural setting then they may have hunted animals and not have done anything too bad.

Multiple Moons

Nyssa, my game world, has at any point during the year 17 visible moons. Depending upon where the viewer is located only three are fully visible in the sky. Technically, every person born on Nyssa has a corresponding governing moon which influences their destiny. Each moon is full for five days during a 50 day cycle per standard months. These five days for their moon, the lycanthrope will transform.

The problem though is that many moons intersect their magic of other moon, so even if a particular moon isn`t full, one of it`s cousins moon, can affect the magic and lycanthropy cycle.

Refer to the table below on any night their Governing Moon is not full:

2-5       Moon Spinning, No Transformation but will still feel the need to hunt
6-9       Moon waxing with Cousins (50% chance)
10-12   Moon waning with Cousins (75% chance)
13          True full Moon - Will transform
14-16   Moon Waning with Cousins (35%)
17-19   Moon Waning with Cousins (15%)
20-24   Moon Hidden - No Transformation