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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Casna : Lord of law, Master of Order, the Eternal Enforcer, Giver and Keeper of Justice


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Follower's Alignment: Any non-chaotic
Associated Colour: Purple
Holy Days: Every Month (15 times a year)
Sacrifice: Tithe (20%) or one day of service a month
Familiar Form: Avian (Owl)
Domains: Law, Community, Protection, Nobility
Oaths: Obedience, Loyalty, Minor Faith, Challenge
Priests: usually referred to as Lords or Lawgiver

This force or Ultimate Order is known by many titles: the Lord of law, Master of Order, the Eternal Enforcer. God of Justice; Casna is the force of justice and truth in a cruel unjust land. He is the patron of Sash Knights and others who struggle against chaos and maintain order in remote communities.

Casna is one of the oldest and most well respected gods of the south; his followers can make allies with both ends of good and evil, as long as they obey the laws. He is a fair god, eternally steady as long as order is maintained and everyone is equal under the eyes of the law. He is patron to many orders of monks, also to sash knight and the legion warriors. They stand vigilant; unbending to cries of goodness or to cruelty; they ensure the laws are obeyed regardless of the cost.

Yet, most people knowing the cost of being thrown out of the town are quick to obey the edicts of the law-makers. While cynics say that the laws are obeyed only as long as the Casnian knights are watching, the knights are beholden to their word, knowing that to punish the law-breakers they must catch them. His few wizard followers are almost always urban ones, often experts in matter of law, time and divination. Many of his clerics are assigned to rural areas to maintain peace and good relations with others of the lawful demeanor.
The colour purple is greatly associated with this god; and many creatures created to serve the enforcers have this colour for their fur, skin scale or eyes. The two most well-known servants are the purple beholder and purple dragons that are extremely loyal to the faithful. However the most common are the watcher (a purple owl) and a sniffer (psionic weasel) that are continually helping to defend the urban faithful. Priests usually wear purple vestments; while knights commonly use purple shields.

His familiar form is usually the owl; that keeps an ever-present eye on spell-casters who break the law or who unlawfully summon creatures. Few obelisks in urban areas do not have at least a dozen of these animals.

His avatar form is a Sash Knight who comes to fight the forces of chaos. Unlike most other avatars, he is commonly found fighting great threats with the armies from other faiths, especially those of Japeth, Quanna and Keran. Chaos and destruction are the foes Casna and his faithful despise and they will work with other lawful groups to eliminate these threats. During these troubling times, his knights and priests gather to meditate, pray or work to ensure their success.

Casna’s Code

No one is above
The law stands firm
All else means naught
Illusion and fantasy will fail
For Truth is absolute
Justice unbending
Order is the goal
And the method is our trial
Respect & obedience are our tools