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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sugon - Magical Monument

The inspiration for this is the AD&D Players Handbook, with a group of adventurers attempting to steal a gem from a large statue. Combine this with a statue of the Buddha, seemingly ever present in many people's homes and business, an inspiration and a reminder to people to meditate, pray and keep other principles. The Sugon is a twisted version of this, reminding evil beings to inflict suffering on their enemies.

One of the cool ideas is not to tell the players, depending upon how active they are. A statue that has no meaning to them, yet their eventually find in so many dungeons that they eventually seek out a deeper understanding.

Sugon - Magical Monument

On Nyssa, a Sugon is common slang for a creature or person of immeasurable patience few realize its meaning. Adventurers and evil creatures are more aware of the true meaning of its etymology, they originate from odd statues found in remote dungeon locations through-out the world.

This statue is made of smoothed black or dark Gray stone, most often appears to be plump human (or elf, gargoyle or bugbear) with demonic features, sitting in a lotus position, arms upraised, its face and body covered by a cowled robe. They can be a foot tall, hidden in a cranny, or thirty feet high in the main sacrificial area. Most are medium sized, found in locations where paid or suffering is common. Their face is always looking out, and its back is up against a wall. They are never on a raised dais, always on the ground or floor. Many times small offerings of coins, bones, blood soaked cloth or mirrors are left near the statue.

One of the great mysteries of a Sugon is where they truly come from. Nobody has ever hired someone to carve a statue nor does anyone ever admit to carving one. They seem to appear at night, looking for supplicants to show respect. What is even more odd is that there a many cases where a Sugon Statue will disappear and it cannot be tracked or traced, most times if a statue does vanish, a trail of brutalized bodies will be left.

One rumour, is that the Sugon can inhabit statues of their own form at any time, so best to remain calm around them as those the statue finds offence can find themselves being pummelled to death. Another legend is that anyone that meditates in front of the statue, can gain insight into the Sugon and learn from them. What they learn is different but the more time spend in quiet contemplation in front of the statue can increase the chance. The Sugon does not seem to care who or what meditates to them, just that the statue be left unmolested. Any disrespect shown will be remembered. another story, is that the Sugon is a (demi or lesser) deity of narcissism, and as long as someone meditates and shows reverence toward it, it is placated. It does not matter, who or what is meditating on the statue, as long as someone is doing it.

Anyone with knowledge dungeoneering can gain the following insights:

10: The statue is a Sugon, a non-specific force but ever-present sight in evil dungeons. It gives a bonus to those who reside near it. It does not radiate either magic or evil.

15: The statue helps those who meditate near it, after a month of continual meditation, it grants the observant a +4 bonus to anyone type of saving throw in the statue's presence once a week

20: For the most part, a Sugon is passive, letting evil and paid happen near it without interruption. If it loses supplicants or if someone attempts to harm the statue it has the following reaction (85% leave the next night, 15% come alive and destroy anyone that angers it.)