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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Charr - Barbarian with supernatural tribal weapon (PC Race)

I do not play OSR, but one of the many things I love about the system structure is that of playing a race. It is cool, was always cool in older editions that your race defined much of what you were, as that was the short-hand. No need to argue about it, that's what the package was, roll, pick your equipment and lets go into those dungeons or hexes.
My games are more about style than power as I never intend to reach Epic levels, and we all have fun so they all go with the flow. But,  I want to offer different races for style and character and let them define what makes an XYZ an XYZ...and some of them really like to do that. What I would recommend is if you have munchkins that power game, this might not be your thing.


These barbarians humanoids travel the freezing wastelands and raid others to help them survive the bleak conditions, not for personal gain. Each can call upon ancient traditions to summon a primitive weapon from their dreams.
Personality: Gruff, violent with few socially redeeming qualities. Friends call them dependable allies, someone you may not want to share a drink with but will want on your side during battle. Theirs is not a true egalitarian society, but strong women often emerge, and once they are proven in battle or raids are treated as an equal. Weak boys rarely live past puberty if they do not prove themselves fit or useful in some way. Charr are pragmatists, the elderly or injured who are unable to keep pace with the tribe, are abandoned without ceremony or warning; anything that weakens the tribe is a threat to all tribe members. 
Their tribes may have one or two families, up to a hundred or so members travelling together. Tribes always determine supremacy among the leaders when they meet, then immediate accept the ranking and work as one. Petty squabbling or politics is not the Charr way. Their foes are the environment, the weather and anyone that does the tribe harm, not each other. 
Physical Description: They are heavily muscled, pale-blue skinned humanoids with deep red hair, who wear heavy furs and a backpack filled with everything they may need to survive in the wilds. They ritually brand themselves as physical reminders of personal oaths and victories. Men tend to braid their hair; women cut it short when weaning otherwise flowing long. Women tend to be taller and thinner then men and excel at archery and running, but once they are mothers they refrain from active raid participation.
Relations: Other races give them their due, as virtually everyone has a story that involves the Charr coming to aid their people in need, as they help those weaker than themselves if they have enough on hand. When possible you avoid the Charr, and hope they will do the same. Some groups make it relatively easy for the Charr to raid their towns as they are horrible allies but the wastelands are safer with them being there. Some Charr tribes collect and stash magic trinkets, and may be open to sharing their treasures depending upon the circumstance. 
Alignment: Wild, violent and unpredictable. They greatly tend towards both chaos and neutrality,as nothing they do is personal, and will not inflict injury unless they must. But if anything is in their way, that is an obstacle that will be overcome without hesitation.
Lands: Charr are nomads; they travel the wasteland in a predetermined path, hunting and resting in a predictable pattern. They do not claim the wasteland, it is merely their path, and woe to those who get in their way.
Religion: Surprisingly, these brutes tend towards peaceful and nurturing deities. Often their leaders are druids who help the tribes survive without harming the already fragile balance. Some tribes have shamans (sorcerers) who act as advisers, though they may never lead the tribe or raids but are greatly respected and are their primary spokesman for relations with other peoples.
Language: They speak their own language & dwarven; shamans often know common or faerie.
Adventurers: For the Charr, life is an adventure. In their struggle for survival, they battle the elements, tyrants, undead and anything else in the wasteland. It is quite common for individuals to leave the tribe to seek their fortune for a period of time. They are not derided in this choice; it is celebrated, as many of the tribe's best leaders have sought experience outside the tribe. 
Charr Racial Traits
+2 on climb, survival and Knowledge (Wastelands Geography)
Gain Endurance as a free feat
Call Tribal Weapon (supernatural ability, see below)
+2 strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma
Racial Hit Dice: 2d10; Attack, Hit Dice, Saves, and Skills as a fighter of the same level
Base 4 skill points, more if they have exceptional intelligence, to be used on core skills only:
Core Racial Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge (local, geography, nature), Perception, Ride, Stealth, Survival, Swim (core skills are always available)
Level Adjustment: +2 CR
Advancement by HD levels; they do not gain a class level until 10th
3 HD gain damage reduction 1 / -
4 HD +2 to strength or Constitution
5 HD specialized in their tribal weapon; gain damage reduction 3 / -
6 HD +2 to strength or Constitution
7 HD Divine Bond with their tribal weapon as paladin ability of the same level
8 HD +2 to strength or Constitution
9 HD gain damage reduction 5 / -

Preferred Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Sorcerer
Tribal Weapon: Is a spiritual weapon, that all Charr learn to summon as youth in times of danger. It exists as long as they are conscious and are holding it. They must pick their weapon type below which can never change. (75% choose dagger, the rest usually choose Hammer.)
Psychic Dagger: Damage 1-6, Critical: 18-20 / X 3, Special: None / Check DC 8
Psychic Hammer: Damage: 1-8, Critical: 20, Special: X 4 damage to constructs, objects & undead. / Check DC 13
Psychic Whip, Damage: 1-10, Critical: 20, Special: Improved Disarm / Check DC 16

In normal times, a Charr can summon his tribal weapon without difficulty as a free action, however during stressed times, (calling upon the weapon with less than 20% max HP, or when grappled and does not already have the weapon summoned or situations determined by the DM) they must make a concentration check at the DC listed. If they fail they must wait 24 hours to retry even if no longer in a stressed environment. 
They cannot ever lose access to the weapon, thus If they are disarmed or try to throw the dagger the weapon dissipates. If both hands are not free, or if they cannot call out to their dreams, they cannot summon the tribal weapon. 
Each tribal weapon from the same type from the same tribe looks identical, even down to small chips on the blade. They cannot describe where the weapon comes from, the best description is their dreams.