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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Chund - Blind, Small Sized Blind Eyeballs with a never ending hunger

I use these as a swarm creature. If the PCs are able to do mass damage, they can scare these buggers away in the general swarm type rules. Many of my evil masterminds seem to keep one or more of these in glass cages as specimens / pets.


Small-size Aberration
Hit Dice: 3d8+3(15 hp)  or 90 hp
Initiative: +2 (Dex)
Speed: Fly 40 ft.(good)
AC: 16 (+2, Dex,+4 natural)
Single Attack Bite + 4 melee / Swarm Attack *
Single Dmg Bite 1d6+1 / Swarm Damage 4d6
SA Individuals have Improved grab (bite damage every round)
SQ Scent, Night Vision, Immune to necromantic attacks or energy
Saves Fort+4,Ref+18,Will+2
Abilities Str 13,Dex 15, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 8, Cha 5
Skills Fly +12, Perception +6, Survival +8
Feats: None
Climate/Terrain: Underground
Organization: Pod (7-12)
Challenge Rating: 5 or (treat as 6 HD if more than 9 are present)
Treasure: Half
Alignment: Usually neutral evil
Advancement Range: 3 or 4 HD

Chund are a two foot round cylindrical bodies that float in dungeons with long tails resembling stalks that droop down almost touching the floor. They have a single large black splotch in the center of their mouth, which falsely resembles an eye. While they cannot see, they have an incredible sense of smell, able to track living creatures in order to hunt them down.

They try to eat nearly anything that moves near them with a scent. Their lair is below ground, close to openings. 

These beasts cannot be reasoned with, and it is very hard to safely approach them, as they want to feed on virtually anything. Some evil masters use them in protecting lairs, often try to team them up with other beasts that wouldn't set off their hunger pangs, such as undead or constructs.