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Monday, 1 February 2016

Time Lord (Fantasy) Prestige Class

There are stories told of a Madman with a box that travels across time and space, visiting, learning and helping others. The Time Lord is a class to capture the whimsy and skills of a character that I have followed for so very long. Since my preferred game style is fantasy, I've had to tweak it to fit within that vision instead of the standard sci-fi universe thing.

Time Lord 

Requirement: Int 20
Skills: Any three knowledge skills at 10+
Special: Must have traveled to at least three Outer Planes

Oath: Membership to the Time Lord's Circle
Alignment: Any non-chaotic or non-evil

Typical Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (Any), Perception, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spellcraft, Stealth, Survival, Use Magic Device

Hit Points: Gain 1d3 every level
Gain 6 skill points every level.
If they were spellcasters before becoming a time lord, they gain spells at the levels indicated

Level 1  Gain Time Lords Spells, Tardis Access, Gain one spell level
Level 2  1st Dimension Access; Gain any one Tardis power
Level 3  Gain 6 Knowledge Skill Points, +2, Greater Regeneration, Gain one spell level
Level 4  2nd Dimension Access; Gain any one Tardis power
Level 5  Gain 6 Knowledge Skill Points, +2, Greater Dispel Magic, Gain one spell level
Level 6  3rd Dimension Access; Gain any one Tardis power
Level 7  Gain 6 Knowledge Skill Points, +2, Call Upon Allies, Gain one spell level
Level 8  4th Dimension Access; Gain any one Tardis power
Level 9  Gain 6 Knowledge Skill Points, +2, Reroll any skill check (once), Gain one spell level
Level 10  Access any Dimension or Tardis Power, Gain additional spell level

Time Lords Spells: Has unlimited casting of these spells every day, no components are required
Speak Other - Speak any one creature's spoken language at a time.
Summon Common Item - Summon any item worth less than 5 gold pieces
Object Reading - Learn about an objects history, composition and other details
Heal Other - Can heal other living creatures (+3d6) once per their wisdom modifier a day. Creatures can only be healed once a week in this fashion.

Knowledge Skill Bump: Time Lords are well traveled and highly knowledgeable about many things, they gain additional knowledge skills as they adventure. The can add +6 knowledge skill points per the levels listed to any areas. the typical chosen are Arcana, Engineering, and Planes. Regardless of which they choose, no more than 2 free knowledge skill points at any level to any individual skill.

Tardis Powers
Identify Portals: DC30 to determine destination location of the portal; DC40 to identify exact location
Open Portals: Roll versus portal lock DC to open the portal
Disable Portals - Roll versus portal lock DC to open the portal
Change Portals - Can change a portals final destination for the next immediate trip, Must be a location that the Time Lord has been to before
Remove Portals: Roll vs Portals to either close or destroy a travel gate
Create Portal: They are able to create a temporary travel gate, to be able to come out of any portal. It must be on the same material plane

Dimensional Access: A dimension is a portal, that has an access to all reality. All worlds fall into a perspective, and once you gain access, you can travel there. Unlike with regular portals, once you get access, you can, in theory, triangulate to travel to any point you want. Once you travel to a plane, you cannot redirect. For example if you travel to the Beast Plane, you cannot skip to a different point in the same plane. Roll 1d000, for the percentage you are to your exact goal.

Material Plane - All Material Planes are Zero Dimensional, meaning any Tardis can access them
Transitive Planes - 2nd Dimension
Inner -  1st Dimension
Upper -  1st Dimension
Balance - 2nd Dimension Access
Lawful - 2nd Dimension Access
Chaotic - 2nd Dimension Access
Time 1-10 years - 2nd level Access
Time 100 years - 3rd level Access (requires Time 1-10 Access)
Time 1000+ years - 4th level Access (requires Time 10-100 Access)

Greater Regeneration - Death does not stop Time Lord, at this point, either your body will regenerate you or the mortal world will regenerate an entirely new physical body. It will take one week to fully regenerate. You can only regenerate a number of times equal to your original constitution score when you first became a Time Lord.

Greater Dispel Magic- Gain a Greater Dispel Magic, Spell or Enchantment - 3/day; Gain +20 on spell checks to dispel or cancel opposition rolls

Call Upon Allies: Once a day, a Time Lord can reach out to any ally for aid or advice. This can be anyone that is not an enemy met in their adventures. Either use NPCs or allow Time Lords to have a retinue equal to their charisma score.

Re-roll any Dice Roll: Re-roll any failed non-combat related skill roll - once regardless of the normal consequence for failure, If in the middle of combat, they may have to make other rolls first,

Tardis Access: Few non Time Lords understand what this mystical item that enables the Lords to travel as its a Universal Gate Key, usable to open any Portal Gate. They travel through known and virtually unknown gates that are scattered throughout every mortal world. A small number have access to portal device so they can create a portal, but most use their gate key to travel through cleric or wizard dimensional portals.  For most Time Lords, their gate key is a simple non-descript item, that is bonded to them. For the rare few, it will be a device that they can travel inside (such as a car or even a phone booth.)  They are the only group known to fully understand how to create a Tardis but there are a few non time lords that have access to a Tardis usually by stealing them from a dead Time Lord.

Time Lord's Circle: This is a select group of intellectuals who travel in order to learn about the past, as well as other races, magic and tradition. Originally they came from a singular world, but as their prominence grew, others learned their secrets, Time Lords from other world's eventually appeared. By Oath, they are not supposed to change or interfere with other cultures - and while they claim not to, history has proven otherwise. According to their own records, when they were first created they could travel the planes, but eventually they learned to travel in time as well. They have dedicated records and means to determine if time events have been changed. For the most part, they are invisible and unknown, but some experts do claim that they leave a subtle trail if you know how to look for them.