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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Tsarin Fests & Holidays

Festivals and Holidays

Tsarins have some of the best growing soil in the domain, and keep a heavy trade with the Lyrrians, some Spirelanders and even people from the Old South. Their ways are heavily linked with the growing seasons and spirits of the land.

Guarded by Lord Sarinth, Tyrant of the Valley, these people have more luxury then most others in the land. They do their best to celebrate days and events that they hold dear to them. Any day marked as a Fest or Festival will experience heavy drinking and public intoxication as an accepted part of the celebrations. Merchants are always open, guilds and towers usually do not perform official duties. Many faithful also keep days of their own, but these can be celebrated at different days at various obelisks. Guards still keep watch, but are much more loose in strict interpretation of the rules (Except during Open Eye, when everything is followed exactly.)

There are at least seventeen days dedicated to drinking through-out the year. Many of these are local or have differing names, which are not listed below.

Day of Ash: New Years Day Fest, chimneys are cleaned out and children play with dirty faces, contracts are signed or renewed.

Chancing or Day of Chancing: Games; Festival of the Fey, used to gamble, drink and have fun as they beseech the fey to appear
Druids Day: Fest Day to celebrate the old faith and of farming; lots of nudity, children dress as animals
Festival of the Flask: Fest to celebrate drinking & fertility (of cork, of the Barrel, of drunkenness, of Bacchus) *
Harmony: Fest day of Songs, Stories and Bardic rituals, one of the few days magic is cast openly

Day of Devotion: Monogamy is not widely practised, so this is day to celebrate faithfulness.
Day of Trysts: Day after devotion, when unmarried people look for "love", fake marriages and bitter jokes for unwed maids
Truce or Day of Peace: Tsarin celebrate the truce with Sarinth, High Tyrant, ruler & protector of the valley
Open Eye: Day to keep the Defense of your city active; mock battles happen, and the king is “slain”
Day of the True (Born): Day of noble rites, family obligations, namings & proclamations. Mockings are held in the evening by many non-nobles.

Festival of the Mug: celebrates drinking & fertility (of Wine, The Overflowing Cup, Laughter, Joy) *
Fools Day: Tax Day, lesser debts are called to be paid by merchants, noblemen must pay their taxes, religious their tithes; in the evening one of the best celebrations happen for those with coin in their purse
Day of Dust: Day for the true dead; visit mortuaries or leave flowers, the dead are sometimes seen but never heard
Day of Veils: Day to respect for the aged and the wise; magic is believed to be more powerful this day
Day of Masks: Fest. Mix of Halloween wearing masks with ritual orgies

Day of Burning Hope: Sometimes called Yulen Fest, a log is burnt as well as small offerings to keep the cold away; visitors are always welcomed

Bounty: Day to honour mothers and Birthdays; held once a month; as all births in the month celebrated that day.